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David Arquette's Movies

Scream 4 Movie

Scream 4

Scream 4 is a slasher film and fourth installment in the Scream series, directed by Wes Craven and stars an ensemble cast including David Arquette, Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox... Read More

Starring: Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell, Wes Craven,

Hamlet 2 Movie

Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 is a 2008 American comedy movie directed by Andy Fleming, written by Fleming and Pam Brady, and starring Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler, and David Arquette... Read More

Starring: Amy Poehler, Andrew Fleming, Catherine Keener, David Arquette, Elisabeth Shue, Steve Coogan,

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