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Filth Movie

Starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots, Eddie Marsan

Director: Jon S. Baird

Release Date: 4th October, 2013

Running Time: 97 Mins

Synopsis: A bipolar, bigoted junkie cop manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter.


Filth Movie Trailer

About the Movie

Filth is a 2013 British film directed by Jon S. Baird, based on the book by Irvine Welsh and stars James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots and Eddie Marsan.

'Filth' Stars

Eddie Marsan, Imogen Poots, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jon S. Baird

'Filth' Movie Links

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One Comment on “Filth”

  1.   FergieX said on October 1st, 2013:

    Filth could be one of my most favourite of Welshes work, and i myself would have loved to direct this, but seems to be its already in the right hands. Got one of my favourite chapters on show, looks like a pure grit, dirt driven puke spewing ride. Nuts, unfavorably crude, sickening, but its still a great character study.

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