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Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons Movie

Starring: Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther, John F. Beach, Michael Copon

Director: Adam Gierasch

Release Date: 17th September, 2010

Synopsis: Maddie Curtis and her friends are ready for a great Halloween night. They're going to a party thrown by their friend at the notorious Broussard Mansion in New Orleans. Over eighty years ago, six people disappeared from the mansion without a trace and the owner hung herself. Soon it becomes clear that supernatural forces are at work at the Broussard Mansion, and that there may be more to the tale of Evangeline Broussard than anyone knew.


Night of the Demons Movie Trailer

About the Movie

Night of the Demons is a 2009 American horror film and remake of the 1988 film of the same name. It was directed by Adam Gierasch, written by Jace Anderson, and stars Monica Keena, Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, Bobbi Sue Luther, Michael Copon, and Linnea Quigley.

Movie Reviews

Movie Review from

A barrel-bottom is scraped when films which went straight to video are remade — this makes over the midlist 1988 party-in-a-haunted house shocker notable only for a weird bit (expanded here) in which a starlet shoves a lipstick into her nipple. Shannon Elizabeth hosts the party, inviting a drug dealer (Edward Furlong), a nice girl (Monica Keena), a couple of bimbos and the usual horny guys. Seven skeletons in the basement prompt unwieldy speeches to establish that seven people need to be possessed to usher in an age of demon rule on Earth — you can guess the rest. The old movie was nothing special, and nor is this — but it’s a reasonable time-waster.

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Movie Review from

The 1988 possession flick Night Of The Demons compensated for artistic flaws by having balls: Linnea Quigley doing weird things with make-up, gruesome ghouls savaging Halloween partygoers.

It’s no Evil Dead but it ticks boxes for Friday night frights.

Adam Gierasch’s unnecessary but fun remake nails the tone, a sepia scream/ squirm intro kick-starting 90 minutes of thirtysomethings playing teens, lesbian Elvira wannabes and Edward Furlong splattered with latex gore.

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Movie Review from

Director Adam Gierasch puts together an efficient remake of the 1980s horror screamfest: babes and guys find themselves inside a creepy old New Orleans mansion on Halloween, and find that the unquiet spirits imprisoned in the basement are coming to life. It’s machine-tooled for the horror fanbase: brash, slick, yucky – by-the-numbers stuff. However, there’s something unusual in the opening sequence, setting out the mansion’s awful 1920s history; completely deadpan, it pastiches a flickering old black-and-white silent film, but with moments of extreme violence and gore that could never be seen in a mainstream movie of that type and vintage.

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Movie Review from

It seems the movies’ appetite for flesh-eating is insatiable. This week, there are no fewer than three tales from the zombie crypt, one American, one French and one British.

Set in an eerie New Orleans mansion, The Night of the Demons is a load of overwrought nonsense in which the souls of seven twentysomethings are imperilled when they disturb the undead quietly mouldering in the basement.

The soundtrack, featuring songs by death/thrash/black-metal bands including deadbyday, Haunted Garage and (my favourite) Goatwhore, will make your ears bleed.

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'Night of the Demons' Stars

Adam Gierasch, Bobbi Sue Luther, Edward Furlong, John F. Beach, Michael Copon, Monica Keena, Shannon Elizabeth

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