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Shank Movie

Starring: Kedar Williams-Stirling, Ashley Bashy Thomas, Adam Deacon, Michael Socha, Jan Uddin, Kaya Scodelario

Director: Mo Ali

Release Date: 26th March, 2010

Synopsis: Set in dystopian 2015 London, where food is scarce and the inner cities are ruled by gangs. Junior is the youngest member of the non-violent Paper Chaserz gang that includes his older brother Rager, ladies’ man Sweet Boy, motor-mouth Craze and trainers-obsessed Kickz. When Rager is murdered by vicious rival Tugz, Junior swears revenge and urges the other members of his gang to help him track down and kill Tugz.


Shank Movie Trailer

About the Movie

Shank is an action film for the youth generation, set in a decaying future London, directed by Mo Ali, about a gang who set out on a chase to avenge the murder of one of their own.

Movie Reviews

Movie Review from

LIKE MOST VISIONS OF A DYSTOPIAN future, the world created in Shank is an ugly, alienating place. It’s 2015 and rising unemployment has forced disaffected youth to start dressing like extras from Mad Max.

At the heart of this is Junior (Williams-Stirling), a member of the Paper Chaserz gang who witnesses the murder of his brother and has to decide between revenge or staying true to a strangely misplaced moral code that he’s cultivated against a world of thuggery and intimidation.

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Movie Review from

Mo Ali’s futuristic knife-crime drama brings District 13 to East 17 on a BBC budget. Gang members stab each other in rubble-strewn estates, tramps crap straight to camera and Kentucky Fried Pigeon is top of the menu.

Props for ambition, but Shank is really a promising short – or a music vid – stretched to breaking point. As Junior (Kedar Williams-Stirling) avenges his brother’s death, we’re treated to animation, beatboxing, parkour and a bizarre dance-off.

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Movie Review from

Imagine if Guy Ritchie had been weaned on blaxploitation and dubstep rather than eel pie and ‘The Italian Job’ and you’re halfway to understanding ‘Shank’, a raucous and violent ghetto drama set on a London council estate of the near future that pits hooded clans of teen marauders against one another in a rudimentary tale of blood vengeance. Like Ritchie, debut director Mo Ali and writer Paul van Carter have clearly dedicated a lot time to making sure their film achieves a measure of street authenticity, and with its inventive production design and spiky, lingo-flecked dialogue, they do succeed in that area.

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'Shank' Stars

Adam Deacon, Ashley Bashy Thomas, Jan Uddin, Kaya Scodelario, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Michael Socha, Mo Ali

'Shank' Movie Links

Official Shank Movie Website
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