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The Ghosts of Crowley Hall (2008)

The Ghosts of Crowley Hall Movie

Starring: Arron Kasady, Annabel Keogh, Katherine Copeland, Steven Newton, Russell Hickman, Daren Marc

Director: Daren Marc

Release Date: February 14th, 2008

Synopsis: ‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’ is the documentary about the Paranormal Investigation that was carried out at Crowley Hall, England in the summer of 2007. It shows the events of Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady, his team of Investigators and their experience at the hall. A ghost team that included a parapsychologist, spiritual medium and journalist, together with a film crew, spent a night at the hall. However, not everything went as planned. The investigation was abandoned, with the investigation team and film crew returning a few months later to continue what they had started.


The Ghosts of Crowley Hall Movie Trailer

About the Movie

There have been many supposed Ghost Sightings at Crowley Hall in England. During its life, the Hall has had a number of paranormal incidents suggesting the presence of ghosts, and there are Ghost Stories dating back to the 1950′s. Recently, a Ghost Photo was recovered during renovations at the hall, and this had prompted a full Ghost Investigation there. This Investigation became ‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’.

Original realeased in the US on February 14th 2008 it went on to screen at the Amberg Horror Fest over Halloween 2008.

'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' Stars

Annabel Keogh, Arron Kasady, Daren Marc, Katherine Copeland, Russell Hickman, Steven Newton

'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' Movie Links

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