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The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

The Tale of Despereaux Movie

Starring: Emma Watson, Christopher Lloyd, Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Broderick, Kevin Kline, Robbie Coltrane, William H. Macy

Director: Sam Fell, Robert Stevenhagen

Release Date: December 19th, 2008
Release Date: 19th December, 2008

Synopsis: The tale of three unlikely heroes – a misfit mouse who prefers reading books to eating them, an unhappy rat who schemes to leave the darkness of the dungeon, and a bumbling servant girl with cauliflower ears – whose fates are intertwined with that of the castle’s princess.


The Tale of Despereaux Movie Trailer

About the Movie

The Tale of Despereaux is a 2008 computer-animated film directed by Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen. Loosely based on the 2003 fantasy book of the same name by Kate DiCamillo, the movie is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and stars Matthew Broderick and Emma Watson. Released on December 19, 2008 by Universal Studios, the film was sent by Universal Pictures as a contender for the possibility of being nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, though it did not get the nomination.

'The Tale of Despereaux' Stars

Christopher Lloyd, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Kevin Kline, Matthew Broderick, Robbie Coltrane, Robert Stevenhagen, Sam Fell, Sigourney Weaver, William H. Macy

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